Best Ways to Prepare Before A Trip

What could be worse than developing an awful cold just before going on vacation? catching a cold while travelling and not having the proper medicines to relieve your symptoms. It’s cases like this that make our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy advise you during your travel consultation with us to take a moment before you leave to go through any medications you might require while travelling to avoid any issues arising during your trip.


When travelling, planning to keep track of your health and managing your medications is important. Your mind can relax with a little planning. Our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy will help you become more organized to ensure that you have all of the medicines you’ll need for the duration of your trip, that the medicines are always stored safely for your safety and the safety of other people, and that you can take your medications as directed by your doctor at the right time of day.


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Before You Travel

While travelling overseas can be exciting, it can be rather stressful for people who need to take a lot of medications, such as for those who are travelling with arthritis. So, before you travel, along with the usual medication advice given, it’s best to consider the following two points:


Prepare a travel first aid kit During your travel consultation, we will give you advice on what should be in a travel first aid kit and assist you in putting one together that is certain to include everything you need to keep you well for a safe trip.


Get any necessary travel vaccinations You might need certain travel vaccines, depending on your destination. Our pharmacists can help you with this and educate you on the different travel vaccination requirements that might be beneficial for you to know. 



At Your Destination

Our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy in Calgary think it’s also very important to know how to protect your health while at your destination, such as keeping yourself from being sunburned and dehydrated. Sunburn and dehydration tend to be the most frequent medical emergencies that result from travel. So, don’t forget to stay hydrated and by using sunscreen, you can avoid being sunburned. An effective OTC sunscreen may be available from certain pharmacies.


Don’t let your fear of managing your medication while traveling keep you from seeing friends or going on trips. You may feel more at ease if you pack the medication in a carry-on or other conveniently accessible luggage for your trip. During your travel consultation with Medicare Plus Pharmacy, our pharmacists are here to assist you in any way they can and provide travel advice for a more enjoyable trip. 


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