Traveling With Arthritis

Although it might be thrilling, traveling is typically physically taxing. People with arthritis will find long car journeys and flights much more stressful if many young, healthy leisure travelers already find it exhausting. 


Traveling might be challenging if you have arthritis symptoms including joint pain and stiffness. Stiff fingers make it difficult to zip and unzip bags, long security lines are occasionally taxing on the knees, and being seated for a long time in the airplane can be uncomfortable for the neck.


However, you shouldn’t let your arthritis limit your adventures. At Medicare Plus Pharmacy in Calgary, our pharmacists are able to help you have the relaxing trip you’ve always desired. 


“You can still live wonderful and healthy lives despite having arthritis, even though it forces you to change your habits!”


Tips To Travel With Ease

The vacation should be one to remember for all the right reasons and it all depends on how you organize your trip. During your travel consultation session with our pharmacists, you will be educated on what you can do to enjoy your trip despite having arthritis. A few tips on managing your arthritis symptoms and making the necessary preparations before traveling to help you have a pain-free experience wherever you go are:  


  • Plan your trip carefully – We recommend you come to our pharmacy to have your prescriptions refilled if they haven’t already before leaving on your trip. Your tension will be reduced by picking the appropriate type of accommodation. It’s best to choose a convenient hotel with a fridge in your room to store your medications, equipment for quick workouts, etc. if you intend to stay there. Additionally, if you need any vital medical supplies, it’s better if your place of accommodation is close to a pharmacy. 


  • Watch what you eat – When traveling and savoring various cuisines, be aware of which foods, based on your type of arthritis, you can consume. For details about the foods you should attempt to avoid while on vacation, speak with a doctor or one of our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy during our travel consultation services.


  • Carry only the necessities – Put your head and neck pillows, beverages in little bottles, and both hot and cold packs in your hand luggage along with your medications, and nutritious snacks. Having whatever is necessary for pain management on hand is a smart idea because checked luggage could get misplaced in transit. An extra prescription might be helpful if you’re going to be gone for a time. At Medicare Plus Pharmacy, you can easily renew or refill your medicines


  • Move about – Since inactivity can lead to stiffness when you have arthritis, it’s vital to occasionally move your muscles. Whether you’re in a vehicle, plane, or train, it’s possible. After spending too much time sitting or standing, flex both your arms and hands, and extend your legs. When you can, walk whenever it’s safe and easy to do so. 


  • Take a break – Rest is a key component of arthritis pain management. Movement is good for you, but too much of it can be uncomfortable. It is best to relax your joints before they start hurting. 


Apart from these tips, there is more information that is necessary for you to know when you want to travel but have arthritis. At Medicare Plus Pharmacy, we have become your one-stop for travel advice and travel consultation services. It is necessary to also talk to our pharmacists regarding the travel vaccinations you may need depending on your vacation area as you need to be aware of the travel vaccination requirements to ensure you stay healthy throughout your entire trip. 


Travel pain-free today! Visit our website for more travel advice and other necessary details.