Simplify Your Meds With Compliance Packaging

Managing multiple medications can be a difficult and daunting task, especially for those who take several prescriptions at different times of the day. It can be easy to miss a dose or forget if you’ve taken your medication or not, which can have serious consequences on your health. Fortunately, Medicare Plus Pharmacy provides compliance packaging to simplify your medicine routine.  The main aim of compliance packaging at Medicare Plus Pharmacy is to help patients take their medication as prescribed by their healthcare provider. Compliance packaging organizes a patient’s pills according to what day and time they should be taken, enabling the patient to take the right doses of medication on time every day.


Types Of Compliance Packaging


Different types of compliance packaging can help patients keep track of their medications and ensure that they are taking the correct dose at the right time. A few forms of compliance packaging include:

  • Blister packs – these are pre-formed plastic sheets that hold individual doses of medication in each compartment. Each daily-required medication is kept apart from the others in its own tiny pack. Knowing the amount and when to take the medication is now simple. Your daily medications are kept on cards in tiny packs. 
  • Single-unit packaging – this type of compliance packaging provides you with a single dose of medication in a sealed container, with each container labeled with the medication information and the time the medicine should be taken. 
  • Multi-dose packaging – this type of packaging contains multiple doses of medication in one container. Although this type of compliance packaging might not be appropriate for everyone, it can be highly beneficial for people who take several prescriptions each day. Multi-dose packaging may also be very helpful for patients who have difficulty opening pill bottles, frequently forget to take their medications or struggle to read the small type on the opening pill bottles, frequently forget to take their medications or struggle to read the small type on pill bottles. 


Compliance Packaging At Medicare Plus Pharmacy 


At Medicare Plus Pharmacy, we take compliance packaging seriously as it is crucial for ensuring you take your medications as prescribed. Our compliance packaging system involves packaging medications in different ways according to your medication regimen that is labeled with the patient’s name, medication name, dosage, and administration time.  Compliance packaging is an effective solution to medication non-adherence, improving patients’ quality of life and overall health outcomes. Speak to our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy and get your health back on track. 



For more information on medication adherence, visit our website or give us a call. Let us ensure you never miss a dose again!