Quitting Smoking and How It Feels from Start to End

Dangers and the Affects of Smoking


Smoking is one of the main causes of preventable illnesses but it can seem impossible for some people to quit this habit. When you quit smoking then it is one of the best things that you can do for your health and quality of life, especially if you are an avid smoker. 

Quitting a habit such as smoking can be hard but you should remain clear on what you want throughout from the start to the end of this process. If you are stopping due to any relevant health issues then you should understand the dangers and effects that smoking can do. Smoking can increase your risk of developing health conditions such as, 

Lung cancer 

Heart attacks


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease



Stages of Quitting Smoking


The general process of when you quit smoking is that a person goes through five stages. Each stage would involve challenges, drawbacks, and certain issues. The five stages are,


This stage is where the person does not really think about quitting smoking and will defend their habit if they feel challenged by anyone. At this stage, individuals will most likely not be responsive to information regarding the health advantages of quitting smoking


This stage is where smokers will most likely be thinking of quitting smoking but will not be ready to quit yet. They are more aware of the consequences and would identify that smoking is a problem that needs a solution. 


This stage is where they make the decision to quit smoking and get prepared to stop as well. They will also start making small steps to quit smoking and will take into consideration the health advantages of quitting smoking as well. They will start making changes to their lifestyle but in small ways at first and in some cases, will set a date to stop smoking.


This stage is where they are trying to actively stop smoking and will use a reward system to keep themselves motivated. This is where any smoker who is trying to quit smoking needs the most help and support since this would generally last for up to six months.


As the name suggests, this stage is where former smokers have learned to resist the temptation of having a smoke and have found new ways of coping. They can tend to slip up if something stresses them out but they will learn from that and not do it again.


Benefits of Quitting Smoking


There are many benefits when quitting smoking since it is a harmful habit that can lead to complications with your health and lessen the quality of your life as well. When you quit smoking then it can improve your overall health and your body will naturally start to heal itself over time as well. The other benefits of quitting smoking are,

You will save the money you spend on a cigarette.

Your sense of taste and smell will improve.

You won’t have to worry about if you smell like smoke.

You won’t be out of breath when doing simple activities.

You won’t people around you at risk of secondhand smoke.

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