Importance Of Timely Prescription Renewals

Sometime, along your journey to getting better, you will need to renew your prescription if you run out of refills for an ongoing medication that your healthcare provider has approved. A prescription renewal is an entirely new prescription for the same medicine.


Suppose you don’t need to see a doctor, in that case, you can ask for a prescription renewal by sending an email or giving your doctor’s office a call, or you can call Medicare Plus Pharmacy, our pharmacy in Calgary, and we’ll take care of getting your prescriptions refilled. We want to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure you receive your meds on time during our prescription renewal service because they are crucial to maintaining your health. 



“Prioritize your health by renewing your medications on time with Medicare Plus Pharmacy!”


Why Timely Prescription Renewals Are Important

We are aware of the stress that may come with running out of prescription medications. Because our pharmacists are there to help you at every stage, Medicare Plus Pharmacy in Calgary makes renewing medications simple. Our pharmacists strongly recommend you get your prescription renewed on time as it is important to take the medications as prescribed without any delays. 


There are many reasons why our pharmacists at Medicare Plus Pharmacy recommend getting timely prescription renewals



  • It’s important to remember to renew your medicines on time as you can manage your symptoms, stop the progression of your illness, and maintain good health by taking your prescribed medications regularly.


  • If a medicine is not renewed on time, it may result in withdrawal symptoms, especially if you have to manage a chronic disease. Prescriptions that are renewed before expiration can help you avoid the pain, stress, and possible side effects that come with stopping your medication suddenly.



As we, at Medicare Plus Pharmacy, strive to put your complete satisfaction first, we will guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure a seamless transition while delivering the best possible customer service. We want renewing your prescription to be as easy as possible so you may concentrate on your health and well-being.


Don’t wait until the last minute, get your prescription renewed on time with us today!