Causes and Treatments of Pink Eye

How do I know that I am getting pink eye?


Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. This is called pink eye because it can cause the white of the eye to take on a pink or red color.Pink eye has two varieties as viral pink eye and bacterial pink eye. Symptoms of pink eye can vary, but some of the common symptoms of pink eye are,

● Pink or red color in the white of one eye or both eyes.
● Swelling of the conjunctiva and/or eyelids
● Tearing abnormally
● Itchy and burning inside the eye
● Gets a Discharge out of the eye
● Uncomfortable wearing contact lenses
● Crusting of eyelids or lashes, especially in the morning


Causing factors of pink eye


Pink eye is an infection of the conjunctiva that lines the eyelid and infects the white part of the eyeball. Pink eye is more visible when the small blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed. When the eye is infected the eye appears in red or pink color. Pink eye is most commonly caused by a viral or a bacterial infection. Moreover pink eye can be caused due to an allergic reaction. Pink eye rarely affect vision but this can be irritating.


Pink eye treatments for you


Mild cases can be cured without medication. If the symptoms last more than 2 to 5 days a doctor or a reputed pharmacist should prescribe medication. Pink eye can spread. To limit the amount of spreading, treatments should be taken. People who are wearing contact lenses should stop wearing them if they get mild symptoms. Medicare Plus Pharmacy in Calgary is here to help you with pink eye with minimum difficulty because we have professional pharmacists .